Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Plan – UML TOOL

I got a new plan. After the Search Program, UML tool will be my next project. This project was started since two weeks ago. My initial plan was using C# to create it, but due to the limitation of my C# skill (as I don’t know C#), thus I will use C++ and will be make use of GDI+ in this project.

The idea was this. The program will be a command base program where it wouldn’t accept any mouse input. There will be a main screen locate at top of the window which is going to renders the object on the screen. This screen will gonna occupied 90% of the window. Whereas at the bottom of the screen will be a place for me to type the command. And those commands will instruct how the object should be render in main screen.

The estimate time for this project will be 12 days. 1st draft for this project is to have some rectangle drawing on the screen and some line that link them together. Beside that there will be some AI for the line where it will change direction if there are some rectangles blocking the line in between the link. Cool huh?

In this week, I have done some research study on the GDI+ and I feel OK with it. Next week will start to working on the 1st draft.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alternate Solution To My Search Program

Found an alternative way that will do the same thing that my program do. By using find command in Linux, U still can print out a list of search result into a file. If U are using Windows, try to get a copy of Cygwin, U will get the Linux command too.

find My_Path >> Desired_output

find C:\Test >> test.txt


print out unwanted directory name, like c:\test.

Need to figure it out how can I make a filter on the unwanted 'thing'.