Saturday, December 31, 2011

Set up the perimeter!

Over the month, I have contribute to the team in setting up the source control server, deployment server, and build server, there are one more thing I need to set up, which is test server. Currently there is no test system in the software which I was quite worrying now. I think not put too far for now, let the human do the manual test for us. At least the basic requirement for development is ready, our team should be able to fight for long run!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Microsoft has improve the search engine!

I don't know what is Mach-O, thus I was trying to make a search using the two popular search engine, Bing and Google. And I type the following text in the search box:
What is Mach-O
Bing gave me general English term. Google gave me everything that are related to Mach plus "O". If take a closer look at the left panel in Bing's search page, there is a section on related searches. I can find my search result over there. Just that it organise or categories it in such a way that more targeted to different view point. Take a closer look at Google's search result, my expected output was park at the first entry. The rest of the entries are the search result for English term. To be frank, my expected search result from Google always park at the first entry.

I just wonder if Bing could replace my default search engine which is Google...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dedicate Worker and Skill Professional

It has been a hard time for me over the past three weeks. I was busy in bringing up the UAT environment and setting up the SVN server. Every time I successfully deploy a workable app into the UAT environment, this developer will pull the UAT down few days later. I bring it up again, this developer pull it down again. As a team, I trust this developer. But when this issue happen again and again, I am just curious to know whether this developer is lying to us.

As according to my supervisor, this developer has about eight years of working experience in IT, and six years experience in JAVA. (Two years went off to start up a business but failed, now joined us as a JAVA developer.) I don’t see any problem with such a great wealth of knowledge developer in the team, but looking at the work, and the result of the work, I really can’t find anymore excuse in protecting this developer.

I wasn’t a great JAVA developer (only have a year experience), but I manage to bring up the UAT and SVN by keep trying and trying hard all day and night. I even sacrifice my weekend to research and study WAS and Apache SVN to ensure the project is well control. This developer is the owners who build everything from the ground and blaming to infrastructure team that is their responsibility to make it up. This developer is a JAVA professional, I feel so disappointed to this professional.

Although I wasn’t a qualified JAVA developer, but at least, I willing to work hard, trying hard to experiment all the possibility. Bear all the responsibility to make the UAT up; bring up the source control server. That is how I earned the credits trust from my superior, project manager, and Integration team. It wasn’t because of I know more about the WAS thing or SVN thing, it just that I willing to work hard.

What motivate me to continue my hard work, I have been granted the name “crazy dare soldier” in the team from my supervisor, and “unofficial team lead” from my project manager.

Moral learned from this incident, professional doesn’t mean good in the team, but never, ever look down to un-certified programmer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Objective

Few months ago, my ex-colleague, Wilson Mak, sent me an interesting youtube video which really inspiring me a lot. The title of that video is called Try Something New for 30 Days. This video is about how can I have my goal set and stick to it until it is done in 30 days. In the long run, I could gain a big change on myself.

I didn't sure how effective it is, but I did try it for one month, which is studying struts framework in just 30 days. Sound like mission impossible to me. Anyhow, the conclusion was failed because I don't have much time allocate into it.

One thing I am pretty sure is by having an objective set to myself with a duration of one year. I had been doing this for about 4-5 years. Every company I joined must have an objective set into it, and I will reviewing it once a year to see whether my objective has been achieve? Or need to stay for another year in order to get the objective done? Once I found my career has stagnate and not moving, first I will talk to my superior on my career path. If the situation couldn't improve, then only I will decide to move on. What if the objective can be achieve by reassigning me a new task? Definitely I will stay, for another year, and then review it again.

I always remember this: I am not working for you nor your company, I am working for my objective.

As of 2011, I had made my first move into JAVA stack. I only left 20 years for me to code. I am running out of time now. I can not wait for another 10 years to get myself certified as a J2EE developer, I need to have a 30 days plan. Plan it short so that I can achieve my objective earlier.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diary evolution

Diary, is a activity that could help me in writing a good essay during my school. By practicing it daily, one short paragraph (approximately 30-40 words) in a day, it could be various topics happen in my life, I will gain a wealth skills in essay writing. This is what teacher told me in school.

My diary book consist of small exercise book, a various kind of look and feel bought from gift shop, professional executive diary, hard cover, soft cover, thick one, thin one, cheap one, and expensive one. The smallest one I been using for my diary is '555' pocket notebook. I used to carry it along with me, write everything at everywhere. Due to the size is so small, I couldn't write much thing in it. And I give up using it.

As my age growth, my diary writing getting lesser and lesser. One of the reason is I am no longer need it to write a good essay, no more worry about scoring. At one time, I'm totally stop writing anything. Because I felt annoying in writing dairy.

I'm using Excel to write my diary recently, with three columns in it, one for date, one for time, and one for activity. Keep the content short to one to three sentences. My new way of writing dairy. Have been practicing it for 2 months. It is just so interesting to write. And it could be my time logger as well. Inspecting where my time spend on or waste on. With the help of smartphone device and cloud service, I can carry it anywhere, write anytime, and retrieve on the go.

At last, I no need to worry about how my diary should keep, and it save a lot of space in my bookshelf.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time waste on diagnosing my tomcat

I have my tomcat setup in my desktop PC and JDK is ready to be call. Anyhow I am not able to wake up my tomcat. Checking out the catalina.log showing me the following error:
blah blah blah missing "("
I have spend half of my day diagnosing this problem, I found out that the java, javac, any other binary inside my JDK/bin are not able to execute. Digging into the DuckDuckGo, found out that I have install the 64bit JDK in my PC (my PC is running in 32bit). My bad :p

Joke of the day

This joke is cheering up my day. :o)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using DuckDuckGo search engine

Today, I am not using Google because I'm trying duckduckgo search engine. I was so surprise on the search result because I feel more comfortable on the result than Google. I doesn't mean Google doesn't do its job. Let's start the test:
How to start JSP page?
My intention of this question is to ask the expert on how could I write a JSP code and then render it on the web browser.

I ask Google, RoseIndia tutorial is return in the 1st entry of the list. This page is giving a tutorial on writing the JSP code, the require server in order to run the JSP, the tool need to build a JSP, but it doesn't teach on how to upload the JSP into a server.

I ask DuckDuckGo, DeniWeb forum is return in the 1st entry of the list. This page returning a search result of a forum. That guy asking the same question as mine. Not exactly the word but have the same meaning of mine. This page doesn't show the exact result of my search, but the answer reply from the thread already provide me the clue for my search.

To conclude my investigation, I found out that the result return from DuckDuckGo are more focus on discussion forum search. Whereas Google are more focus on the resource search. Another good thing about DuckDuckGo is the search page is auto load when reach to the end of the page and support keystroke interaction too. ;)

What is inside the Web App?

It has been a hard time for me in last week to figure out what is inside Web Application Archive, so called WAR. I was really stressing myself in building this shit using pure ANT script. Basically this file consist of two main portion, the 1st portion storing the JSP file, whereas the 2nd portion is the WEB-INF directory. Now the interesting one, WEB-INF must contain classes (containing the compile binary of java code), lib (containing third party jar file, usually only jar), and web.xml (I don't really bother what the heck is this).