Saturday, March 24, 2007

File Manager Project


My project is on run again. I have been stop for this excitement activity for a long time. Now it comes to me again. For this year, I have a couple of idea to work on it. So many stuff need to be done for this year.

Let me introduce my first project - the File Manager. This is my personal assistant to help me in organizing the file on CD/DVD. I used to do my backup in CD/DVD, unfortunately I never label it. U see… If I label each CD/DVD, this project is actually wasted. Any how, I still will continue working on this project as there are still plenty of important files kept in CD/DVD.

This project was started on last week. I will be spending one or two days to work on this project but it will depend on my availability. I have just started the work on whitepaper. The work is undergoing smoothly.

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