Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Explore: MCNLive

On last weekend, I found a mini OS called MCNLive. MCNLive is base on the Mandriva 2007. It just cost me around 440MB and without the need to installed it into hard disk. Everything are load from the CD and execute from RAM when it is needed. Thus I did a test on it. I burn it into CD, and boot up from the CD with my PC which have Windows XP installed.

When it first boot, I see a series of boot option. The first boot option is default option. (I like this option.) Choose on it, wait for a few second and it is ready to be use. One thing I notice that the CD ROM was locked. When U load an application, I saw the CD ROM is spinning. I'll never eject the CD until I shutdown the OS.

I have try on other boot option like "some thing called boot from NTFS hard disk", I don't really remember the full name. With this option, I can eject the CD after the OS is bootup. This is the most interesting part. The other is called "boot from USB". I get stuck the middle during the boot process. I don really know what happen. May be I don have a USB ready during that moment.

At last, I can have an option to remaster the OS. This is really interesting. When I found something is not install in the OS. I can install it and remaster the CD. Something like customization. This is so great. But the OS size might increase depends on the application installed. I never try on this. Will make it one day.

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