Sunday, August 12, 2007

Setup wireless network in my uncle house

On Wednesday, my uncle called me to help him to setup a wireless network. Unfortunately I don’t have this knowledge and I do tell him that I don’t know how to do that. But he keep persuading me to go as it is very easy to setup. But in fact it is not. The first thing I ask to myself is how am I going to connect my PC to the wireless router? There must be some setting for the IP address. But how am I going to do that? I spent a few hours there try and error. Base on the experience (just two months) that I have when I work as an IT support in past few years ago. I try my best to do it but it still wouldn’t work.

At last I sitting there look at the computer. How am I going to communicate with router from my PC? I do looking to the manual but it still wouldn’t work. I call for help rather than just sitting there searching my past experience regarding to wireless thing. Frankly, I have zero experience on wireless and little knowledge on networking like setting up a print server. That’s all. The person I call is the salesman where the wireless device is purchase from. He don’t seems really want to help me because he keep pointing out that he is a distributor and they don’t provide guidance support. Because I don’t have knowledge in wireless thing, even I am not able to find out which network I am connecting to. He feels that I am annoying. Then I let my uncle handle him and my uncle successfully persuades him to provide guidance to me.

At first he teaches me on how to setup the wireless security, and then he teaches me on how to connect to the wireless router and setup some configuration setting on the router. Due to some error during the setup, I need to restart my setup again. Thus the security setup was gone. I repeat the same steps again. Finally I have the wireless router working probably. And now I want to setup the security on the router. The salesman seem little busy and I feel that I have bother him for so long, thus we drop the line. I follow the steps that he teaches me few minutes ago.

Oh no! Something goes wrong. The Internet connection was down. I am not able to connect to the port. What was happened? Then I remove the password security. See whether this is cause by the security issue? It still wouldn’t work. No matter how hard I have tried, it still wouldn’t work.

On my way heading home, I feel that I am not a perfect IT guy. To survive in IT, I must take initiative to learn new thing. But somehow although learn the new thing but I don’t have a chances to show off my skill on my work as my work don’t need it, it were still useless.

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