Saturday, July 12, 2008

UML Tool -> Diagram Manager

This project supposes to be short and fun, but it end up hard and sophisticate. Creating a UML Tool is not that easy actually. There are many design issue like the tedious one – UML syntax need to be determined carefully. Besides that I was choosing Win32 as my development platform. I wonder whether I have chosen the right technology to do it. This should be a rapid development and I suppose to use .Net or MFC to speed up my development. Since I already know MFC, thus I can concentrate on researching.Net.

My first view on .Net was not that hard actually. There (Microsoft) have new changes on syntax or probably the whole C++ was change. I also notice that I am not using MFC in the UI development. Is that Win32 programming II? And also it is a problematic to dealing with native code in .Net. Microsoft has changed the development style. Finally I have given up using the wizard to generate the GUI code for me instead I do it manually.

Now I have done with technical issue. Here is the new plan for the project. I will change the title to Diagram Manager because the objective of this program only focuses on class diagram instead of the entire UML diagram. The reason is I use UML class diagram most often. The reason to name it as ‘diagram’ is it is not just only draw class diagram. May be it will draw other diagram in the future, such as data flow.

Since I have narrow down my design, I can concentrate on 1 part and do it well.

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