Saturday, March 7, 2009

Career Advancement into Linux Development

I have been dreaming to be a Linux developer for a long time. Now my dream have come true and it is so real. Now I am a Linux developer, developing Linux software using the Linux Operating System. I am using VIM as my editor, GDB as my debugger, G++/GCC as my compiler and MAKE as my script to issue a batch of command into compiler. I can't believe it I can do that. That was great and it is so cool.

Currently I am experiencing the threading in my development. By looking back when I was in Windows development, I though I have been doing the most advance application in my life. The most complicate software I ever never been develop for. Now I have break the limit, beside using those UNIX specific library in my development, I am also experiencing linux threading development, forcing me to study more on the Operating System matter. To be frank, I never touch any Operating System before in my study syllabus. I am not a Computer Science guy but doing Computer Science work. So challenging me in this year.

As well as VIM and GDB, the most command like tools I been dreaming for. This is so great I can learn so much of great development tools in my career, and also my development. Not there yet, I need more challenge to come to me. I am waiting here. Be ware !!

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