Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can't launch S60 emulator

I was installing Nokia Symbian S60 SDK (3rd edition FP2 and N97) in my PC under C:\TOOL directory. (This is just my way of organising the files in my PC.) After the intallation completed, I was not able to launch the emulator. It tooks me about one day to figure out why this happen. Then I reinstall it under C:\ directory, its working!!

One thing must take note that although the SDK was remove from the PC, I mean uninstalled it from the PC, all the files were still there even though a new copy of SDK has been install under C:\ path. This has been making me so frustrated when I launching the emulator from Eclipse, it keep prompting not able to connect to agent. To solve this problem is to manually delete the old files.

Just curious why the S60 emulator's path was hardcoded?

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