Sunday, October 18, 2009

My GoogleAppEngine is working now!!


Finally I have successfully get my Google App Engine up and running. I am able to see the hello world string appear in my browser when I'm pointing my URL to localhost:8080. Following the tutorial provided by Google (here is the link), it wasn't mention clearly on how the Hello World application suppose to be running. It just mention this:

google_appengine/ helloworld/

Initially I tough I must have my Apache setup in order to run the Google App. hehe...

I have my Google App Engine SDK install in one directory, say Directory A. And then I have my source code locate in Directory B. It doesn't matter where the source code must put, it just my development style. When compiling the source code, it will automatically fire up the server. This is so different from the way I did in programming, where I have to tell the compiler which file to compile. Whereas Google App Engine "compiler" target on the whole directory. In order words, in the helloworld directory, I have app.yaml and, I just need to supply the helloworld directory instead of single individual file, like this:

./ HelloWorld

One thing to note, the ./ simbol must put at the front of, otherwise Linux will not able to recorgnise that command.

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