Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using DuckDuckGo search engine

Today, I am not using Google because I'm trying duckduckgo search engine. I was so surprise on the search result because I feel more comfortable on the result than Google. I doesn't mean Google doesn't do its job. Let's start the test:
How to start JSP page?
My intention of this question is to ask the expert on how could I write a JSP code and then render it on the web browser.

I ask Google, RoseIndia tutorial is return in the 1st entry of the list. This page is giving a tutorial on writing the JSP code, the require server in order to run the JSP, the tool need to build a JSP, but it doesn't teach on how to upload the JSP into a server.

I ask DuckDuckGo, DeniWeb forum is return in the 1st entry of the list. This page returning a search result of a forum. That guy asking the same question as mine. Not exactly the word but have the same meaning of mine. This page doesn't show the exact result of my search, but the answer reply from the thread already provide me the clue for my search.

To conclude my investigation, I found out that the result return from DuckDuckGo are more focus on discussion forum search. Whereas Google are more focus on the resource search. Another good thing about DuckDuckGo is the search page is auto load when reach to the end of the page and support keystroke interaction too. ;)

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