Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Microsoft has improve the search engine!

I don't know what is Mach-O, thus I was trying to make a search using the two popular search engine, Bing and Google. And I type the following text in the search box:
What is Mach-O
Bing gave me general English term. Google gave me everything that are related to Mach plus "O". If take a closer look at the left panel in Bing's search page, there is a section on related searches. I can find my search result over there. Just that it organise or categories it in such a way that more targeted to different view point. Take a closer look at Google's search result, my expected output was park at the first entry. The rest of the entries are the search result for English term. To be frank, my expected search result from Google always park at the first entry.

I just wonder if Bing could replace my default search engine which is Google...

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