Saturday, March 3, 2012

Need more improvement to Android developer

Trying to search a good app for printing purpose for my tablet this morning. I found out that there are plenty of apps from android market but the quality isn't really that good if compare to iOS.

Part of the reason is that quality control on Apple is very strict, just like Bada, one of my app until now (since last year) still couldn't get approval from Samsung. Indirectly this give me an impression that Android app's quality is not up to the standard.

The quality issue could be partly due to the particular Android developer. They should take up the responsibility. I am a programmer too, when issue is in front of me, I will take the initiative to solve it as soon as possible. I can even skip lunch, stop facebook update, lock myself in a room, full time concentrate to the particular problem, fixed it, and deliver on time.

I think all developer (especially open source developer) should be self discipline in order to deliver a quality software. We can even compete with Enterprise software if the product is good in one day.

I do understand that there are developer very jealous to Apple, some of them even anti-Apple group. I do understand that Android developer have creative idea, without quality control, a creative idea is equivalent to rubbish at the end.

Lets learn together, lets improve together to bring up the open source community up to a quality standard. Good luck to all open source developer.

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