Sunday, April 22, 2012

Before I resign, I need a SCRUM!!

Scrum is about daily update on what you are currently working on, so that those stupid project manager will know what is the progress status of the project. Guess what, the stupid solution architect (SSA) also thinking the same way. They are basically misunderstood the concept of daily update.

Daily update is needed on everyday status check point, so that we all know what stopping you from code fast. "Why your code so slow today?" This is what I concern about daily update to the team. The point is what technology challenge you are currently facing? Your daily R&D output or weekend R&D output? Or you inspire by someone's technology that could speed up the development.

When we slowing down our development, usually they must be requirement not firm yet or we don't know how to code. Am I right? If requirement problem, lets talk to the BA, but if code problem, then it is ours team responsibility to help out this programmer. "Please share out why your code so slow today?" This is what SCRUM meeting comes in to play. It is about agile, very quick one.

The specialize programmer will be ready in this session, scream out your pain about your challenge! "Why SQL can't code in that way!" This is what I always complaining to the team.

Thus, before I resign because of SQL can't code in that way. Lets have a SCRUM. SQL specialize will be ready for me.

Happy coding :o)

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