Sunday, April 28, 2013

Never ever though I could have such fate with Login module.

My intention is develop a login module for an web application, this is very important as in an Enterprise Application architecture design, authentication and authorization should never miss. Since the Feb 2013 I start on this, along the development journey, I have explore into 4 different types of technologies, start from Spring Security -> LDAP -> Apache Directory Studio -> JAAS.

Spring security doesn't have much problem. I come into my attention on LDAP when I start configuring Spring security for LDAP. LDAP configuration is real deep advance piece. Base on my experience on learning it, never do it using plain text editor. There are tons jargon I never know when configuring LDAP. Without the help from tools to speed up the configuration, this is a very difficult task for me. Thus Apache Directory Studio playing the primary role on this configuration. I wasn't lucky so, I was downloaded the wrong tool, Apache Directory, without Studio append at the end. There is difference, the studio one allow me to create new configuration whereas the other one doesn't, and only allow me to amend on the existing configuration.

Hey! I just realize that there isn't any web login module using LDAP authentication. May be I should put back myself, where majority of the web authentication are talk to database. Here come to JAAS. Unfortunately there isn't much resource and blog talk about this, I got no choice but try and error to see whether I can find some light on this JAAS thing. As of today, I was totally helpless on the JAAS configuration part. This piece is very dependent on the server configuration. No rush, I start from Tomcat.

Due to the JAAS configuration on Tomcat, I meet realm. This is the mystery piece embedded inside the heart of Tomcat. It is a configurable plugin module that could allow me to have variety type of authentication which is done in JAVA. UserDatabaseRealm is one of it. I haven't finish studying the realm thing.

While I'm still haven't finish with Realm. I meet the fifth technology on authentication module called Apache Shiro. I was quite inspire and attracted by its capability. I will come back on this after I have finish with JAAS.

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