Sunday, August 18, 2013

My passion in game development is never lose

I have spend most of my time on OpenGL and Win32 programming since 2002 after finish my C programming lesson in my college. OpenGL and Win32 isn't in my course syllabus but game programming that causes me to pick up for myself. To make a game I must have a game engine up, without game engine it is real hard to roll out a game. In order to build a game engine, the primary element I must know of is graphic programming. I haven't go into other elements like audio, multiplayer, game design, story board, physic and mathematics.

Due to my work load at day job, I really had no time for this. There are so many thing in game programming I got to learn, thus my progress was really slow. Especially when my professional skill wasn't in game development. I understand that building a game engine from ground up is really time consuming. I need to utilize my time effectively. During the long holiday on last week, I found Unity3d. It is a game engine, easy to use (comparing to my previous experience on Vicious Engine), they use MonoDevelop as the engine scripting tool, support JavaScript and C#. I have spend some days (less than a week) to play around with it, I have my game completed, which consist of a spaceship shooting the asteroid, with sound, artwork, physic, and scoring system up and running fine.

Not bad. This engine can safe lots of my time. My passion in game development is never lose. Below is a short video that could motivate me to go stronger in game development.

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