Sunday, February 23, 2014

Temporary workaround on determine_new_packagename in AOO build

Last week is a challenging week for me both in my day job and also open source work. When I'm making a full build on AOO, there was an error in function determine_new_packagename.
ERROR: ERROR: More than one new package in directory /home/kokhoe/workspace/aoo-trunk/main/instsetoo_native/ ( /home/kokhoe/workspace/aoo-trunk/main/instsetoo_native/ /home/kokhoe/workspace/aoo-trunk/main/instsetoo_native/
in function: determine_new_packagename (packagepool)
My initial though is by removing the whole directory will resolve the problem, but eventually it is not. There is also a defect has been raise but the work around is not working for me. Fortunately I met a peer who gave me a great help on this issue. This problem is due to the version of the EPM (stands for ESP Package Manager) installed in the system isn't compatible with AOO build. AOO require EPM version 3.7, other than this version the build will not pass. I am require to download the EPM version 3.7 source specifically, and build on my own.

A quick check on the version installed on my system, I see this:
epm --version
ESP Package Manager v4.2
Copyright 1999-2007 by Easy Software Products.

EPM is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details
see the GNU General Public License in the file COPYING or at
"".  Report all problems to "".

To verify whether AOO build is using the EPM install in the system:
grep -i epm config.log
  $ ./configure --with-epm-url=
configure:11566: checking whether to enable EPM for packing
configure:11577: checking for epm
configure:11595: found /usr/bin/epm
configure:11608: result: /usr/bin/epm
configure:11633: checking whether the found epm is the right epm
configure:11641: checking epm version
This shows that AOO build is using the EPM installed in /usr/bin directory. Since I don't want to uninstall this component from my system, I have to configure the AOO build to bypass that version and route to my specific build. To do this, issue this command:
./configure --with-epm=<EPM_binary_location_in_file_system>
Note, the EPM binary must be build before this command is execute, don't expect the ./configure command will make the build from the source. I have also try --with-epm-url, this option will do the downloading and extraction work automatically but it doesn't work.

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