Friday, August 14, 2015

When I move to Mars...

This is so not good, JBoss server was not functioning after I have upgraded my workspace to Eclipse Mars. I'm not even able to create new JBoss server as the server adapter was also gone missing.

There 2 requirements need to fulfill in order to get JBoss work under Eclipse Mars:

Requirement 1
Eclipse Mars must have JBoss Tools 4.3 installed. As of this writing, I'm using 4.3.0.Beta2 (the only version works on Eclipse Mars). It can be downloaded from Eclipse Marketplace or JBoss Tool's website.

Requirement 2
JBoss Tools 4.3 need to feed by JDK 8 as mention in this blog. I don't really want to disturb my global environment variable, JAVA_HOME, as she is serving for peoples too. Thus, what I'll do is to configure it in eclipse.ini.
Do take note that -vm must before -vamrgs, otherwise -vm will become argument of -vamrg.

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