Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tracing Apache HTTP server installation path with RPM

Things get complicated when everything was messed up in AIX. How could I know which Apache HTTP server version I have installed on my UNIX box? Initially I though it is as simple as typing this command, httpd -v, unfortunately the system returns me ksh: httpd: not found. Wonder why the system can’t allocate httpd command? Then I try the command such as locate httpd and whereis httpd to find out where the hell this package is being installed? But both gave me negative response.

I’ll not going to defeat so easily, I still have one last hope to trace back where httpd is installed. Since the httpd was installed through RPM, I think rpm should be able to trace back the installation path. To verify my assumption is correct, I would use rpm -qa to ensure httpd is installed through rpm. Next is to use rpm -ql httpd | grep httpd to list the entire installation path that contains httpd in it. Then I’ll know where exactly the httpd was installed.

Have fun with AIX.

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