Monday, December 5, 2016

I need a backup plan

In the year of 2016, I was planning to write more code about game development but struggling where could I get start. Well, I start off making the fundamental stuff and end up making a tutorial on game development quick start guide. No! This isn't my objective. I want to make a real person of myself while I'm coding on a game. Somehow in one day, my hard disk failed to boot up and all my hard work effort are gone. The most unlucky thing was I don't have a "real" backup plan, thus restoring my files has turn into nightmare. I spend few months doing the recovery until now, there are still missing parts.

In the past few months while doing my recovery job and also trying my best to recover the code, I started to realize on the disaster recovery plan. I put this at the top and highest priority in my working queue. And I have come up a draft plan for the design. Since my backup files are scattered around in different computers and the external medium, I would need a tool to consolidate all my backup files in one place. And also house keeping the backup files is a must to maintain storage capacity.

The high level design would be something like this: as for now, the backup files are currently scattered around in different computer. There will be relocated to a central storage and I'm pretty sure there must be the same files locate in others PC as well, thus I need to have the central storage setup.

Figure 1: When all PCs come online

After that all files on other computers will be synced up together. Well, that's about the plan. If I want to automate the process, how complicate will it be?

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