Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do You Know well in JavaScript?

How many of you know well about JavaScript? Basically JavaScript is not a language; it was a script, adopting the object-oriented concept. This could be great in nowadays since everyone are so concern about O-O concept. In reality, how many of you able to code it well. How many of you know how to code JavaScript in a right way? Let me guess, there is no one can do it well.

I have been assigned to work on a JavaScript project in last month. The code are even worst than your imagination. It is really hard to maintain the code. The linkages of each JavaScript files are like a spider web. Who's fault? Planning error?

Come on. Every developer has the responsibility to write a good code. Not to show off their “technical” knowledge by combining the code into one line. This is irresponsibility as he/she is creating trouble to their fellow co-worker. Or this could be the limited knowledge in programming skills? May be we all need a proper way of training to write code?

Google around you will see there is actually a right of coding in JavaScript. Some more there are design pattern for JavaScript. No joke. I even go find out the design specification of JavaScript. I am not a script developer, and not even a web developer, I was a C developer since my first job. I don't like to be script developer as this language is not challenge enough, but now this scripting language is more and more attracting me. It is because scripting language is more concern about the design and implementation. Whereas C programming is concern about memory issues and optimization.

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