Friday, August 14, 2009

Finding on developing XBOX game

For so long I want to get myself started in game development. Due to the limited funding and resources, I have joined the local game house to get my dream come true. This could be a great chance for me to learn PS2 and Nintendo technology in game development. Unfortunately, the company doesn't go very well due to the financial crisis, and I am force leave that company to develop the boring software (again!).

I have been heard about Microsoft XNA for a long time, but I never get a chance to use it in developing any game. This technology open up the gateway for everyone to sell their final product to the public, it could be a very good chance to self funding and bring up a new career to myself – The indie game developer. Few days ago I was doing some study on how I can get myself started in commercial game in XBOX, below are my finding.

Requirement for developing XBOX game:

  • Xbox 360 console with hard drive. (RM1800)
  • Xbox LIVE Gold or Silver account. (Free of charge)
  • XNA Creators Club Online Premium membership. (around RM350 per year)
  • XNA Game studio. (Free of charge)

Requirement for deploying XBOX game:

  • XNA Game Studio Connect in XBOX.
  • Add a device in through XNA Game Studio Device Center in XNA Game Studio.

The pricing is range from 200 to 800 point, which is equivalent USD2.50 to USD10.00. 70% of the revenue will be received by you from the total sales. There is one bad news, which is, even I'm debugging a game on XBOX, and I still need to have a premium account for this to work [7].

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