Monday, August 24, 2009

OpenOffice 3.1.0 kick start

Few weeks ago, I have downloaded open office latest source code from this link. There are six major packages in total, which there are:

  1. core source package.
  2. system source package.
  3. binfilter source package.
  4. l10n source package.
  5. extension source package.
  6. testautomation package.

I have extracted those package and ready to install. Unfortunately the installation process not going so well. There are so many missing components in my Linux, and I have to install it one by one. Currently I was stuck at installing the GTK+ because this component requires me to install the dependency components such as Glib, Pango, ATL, and Cairo. Installing those components is not as easy as I think, and it could spend up a lot of time to search the Internet how those components should install. Like one example, when installing Glib, it prompting an error complaining that gettext module was not installed. By doing manual installation doesn't fix the problem, and thus I have to issue the command below to solve the problem.

sudo apt-get install gettext

Although Glib installation has been resolved, but installation for Cairo is a different issue. Because it doesn't have a Makefile, how could I continue my work?



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