Saturday, January 21, 2012

Any good use of Facebook?

Facebook is a famous term in nowadays where everyone of my friends know about it. Even smartphone producer are bringing Facebook as part of their phone feature.

I register a Facebook account in 2009 and has been very active in Facebook in late of 2010 until 2011. My impression to this platform was that Facebook is something like ICQ + web 2.0. I am not a fans of ICQ but I was very active in forums like,,, and These are a few forum sites which I was very active before I know about Facebook.

It was very interesting when I first joined Facebook, sooner in late of 2010, I am trying to make it as a news feed just like Google Reader where I subscribe all my favorite sites and trying to make it as a knowledge sharing platform just like a forums. I was very active in this activity so called 'Facebook Forum customization' in 2011 because my job environment allowing me to surf Facebook during working hour. I was almost logging into Facebook every day to read my 'customize' news feeds.

Anyhow the 'Facebook Forum' response was very low. It was totally out of my expectation, even worse there are a lot more rubbish, nonsense and annoying news feeds posting on my Facebook wall and everyone's Facebook wall. At first I though that I was sharing some knowledge to others but I was bringing nonsense to others in the same time. Eventually, we are wasting time reading nonsense on Facebook.

I was trying my best to utilize this platform but at last, I started to realize that forum is much more better than Facebook because what I need is knowledge whereas Facebook is suit for marketing purpose.

I'm still trying to find the good use of Facebook.

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