Sunday, May 6, 2012

Internet is really a wasting time thing in my life.

Internet is really a wasting time thing in my life. It has been a long time I take myself off from the Facebook, after that I control on the chat program usage, and recently I started to control myself on the Internet usage. I started to realize that I have been abuse the usage of the Internet because every time I go online, first thing to do is to turn on the chat program, and then mail client, after that facebook, youtube, and read blog post. I've been feeling so lost and frustrate because there are tons of information pushing into my head. Thus I am thinking set up a security control to lock myself down.

Now I have my initiative to control on the Internet usage. When every time I want to use the Internet, I have a log book jotting down the objective of the Internet usage, and time of usage. For example now I'm writing my journey in this blog, it took about 15mins to complete, and 5mins on reviewing my sentence and English grammar checking.

Doing this will required self discipline, and I'm feeling so great that I could get out from the crowd.

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