Saturday, May 19, 2012

Practice make perfect.

Essay writing is fun and interesting. Remember when I was in primary school, I hate writing just because I am lazy. There was an article mention that if someone not able to write a good essay, this person will lacking of communication skills. Does it true? I don't know. But that is not the reason for me to start writing.

What actually motivate me to start writing is because I feel bore. When I am bore, I read book, after reading, I write down my comment on the reading. As I keep writing, I learn new, the English grammar, new vocabulary, writing style. I started to feel the joy of writing, and reading. And I start writing blog.

To write a good post, I have to keep on practice non stop. No one is number one when first born, keep on learning, practicing, read more, and explore all kind of reading will make someone perfect in writing.

Happy Saturday :o)

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