Sunday, June 3, 2012

Consider it done! Soldier!

Working in corporate company will having a well known issue, which is the ranking issues. Senior staff will have more privilege to get the very own knowledge whereas lower ranking staff will usually hiding themselves. Why this happen? This is because it has been a culture in the company.

Who say I am not allow to voice out my opinion even though you are more senior than me? Like what happen in my previous company, I challenge my development manager and even the project manager. I took up the challenge because I am ready for it, I will work very hard on it, and be ready to any subsequence impact that might happen in it. Any nonsense, especially those senior staff bluffing at me, I don't care, I just keep moving forward.

I am trying to encourage my team to voice out their opinion, any feedback and critics. Like for example if you found out Birt is much more better than Jasper, go ahead to prove it, make a POC, present to the team, time needed for the implementation, etc.

Just show everything, bring up everything because I know you can. Don't be shy because it just an excuse to hide the problem. You are a very brave soldier, I honour you and salute you. This is the beginning of innovation, creative thinking, not afraid of failure, the team will not growth without these group of soldiers.

I don't care whether there is a glass door shielding the manager's cubicle or they don't. This is a sick culture. I want to change, by moving my first step, bring in the change, growth the team.

Take one more example, I just have 1 year working experience in JAVA, but my team lead very trust on me because I never failed to him. Compare to previous company, I am a very experience C++ programmer, but I am never a senior staff, my opinion in the team are sucks, rubbish, and nonsense. Did you realize the difference? One with many years working experience in C++ and another one is just one year experience in JAVA.

The point is never failed any thing, any tasks that has been assigned to you. "Consider it done! Soldier!" I have this mind set since last year, which is my first year in JAVA. I work very hard to solve every problems, I work non-stop, I work on weekend and public holiday, long working hours. It is a tired process, I know. But I never give up. Now I am acquired the technology and experiences I learned, that's why I never failed anything to my team lead in my current position.

Now is your turn, you have far more working experience in JAVA. Show yourself, soldiers! Let me honour you.

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