Saturday, December 8, 2012

My future in C++

I have been watching this video for the fifth time. I never get bore with this video as I was really inspired by Herb Sutter to continue my journey in C++. Remember last time I made up my mind to discontinue MSVC++ 6.0 journey as Microsoft has change the nature behavior of C++ since the launch of .NET. 

Now Microsoft has bring back the C++11 standard, a more organize foundation has been setup ( which is a single platform to get all news about C++ (Herb Sutter's blog used to be my main reference last time) and now I can even write C++ code for Windows Phone device. This could be my second device which allowing me to write C++ code beside Samsung Bada device.

There are so much fun in C++ now, I'm so excited about it. "The C++ King Is Back! Hold The King."

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