Sunday, May 26, 2013

JavaScript is a Revolutionize myths

Frankly speaking, I personally feel that JavaScript is a toy language?
No, not that way. JavaScript has make a lot of improvement due to the brain from the Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, it has already become a lot more faster now. And getting more fun and interesting.
This programming language is a design fault.
Before JavaScript, there are HTML and CSS. HTML is responsible for the structure of the web content; CSS is responsible for adding in style to bring some color and life to the content. Whereas JavaScript is like a controller that could control the behavior of the content, and it works together with HTML and CSS.
Programming JavaScript is a real fun.
Since it doesn't need any fancy tool, just a simple notepad to do the coding and then load it up into the browser and it just run. Thus it should be the first programming language teach to the student. But during my time, although I did attend to this class but I don't find my interest on it as C++ is my interest during that time.


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