Sunday, January 4, 2015

Steps to create new cocos2d-x project in Netbeans

Many times when I wanted to create a new Cocos2d-x project in Netbeans, I always forgot the procedure. Thus I decide to write it down for future reference. As of this writing, I'm using Cocos2d-x 3.1.1 and Netbeans 8.

  1. Create new project using cocos command.
  2. In Netbeans, goto File > New Project > C/C++ Project with Existing Sources, then click Next button.
  3. Under the Specify the folder that contains existing sources field, navigate to the game project's root path created with cocos command.
  4. Let it build.
A short note, when trying to run the project, there will be a dialog prompt to select an executable. Pick the default selection will do.

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