Saturday, June 6, 2015

JBoss complaining the RequestContextListener class was missing

This is so annoying me! I was transferring my web project from Linux to Windows. Somehow my boss, I mean JBoss (AS 7.1.1.Final as of this writing), was complaining that org.springframework.web.context.request.RequestContextListener was unable to load during startup. Did a quick check on JBoss deployment folder located at /standalone/deployments, and found out the lib folder wasn't there. Surprise me!

The workaround on this issue would be:
  1. Under the project properties, go to Deployment Assembly.
  2. Click on Add button.
  3. Choose Java Build Path Entries.
  4. Select all the M2_REPO library.
  5. Restart the server.
Wonder why I don't need these extra configuration on Linux? Am I missing something else? Or this only required for Windows?

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