Saturday, July 25, 2009


Since I started publish my writing on the blog, I found out that writing was so enjoying to myself. At the beginning of writing the blog, I was so frustrate because I don't know how to present my thinking in the brain onto the paper. Thus there are few post at the beginning of this blog was so boring and the grammar are bad. The situation become even worst when I need to use English to present my thinking since I am not familiar with English especially those grammar.

But now I am getting comfortable with it. This is due to the experience in my writing, and keep practicing it, doing self review after each writing, and doing a lot of grammar checking through the Internet. All these effort are pay off to myself.

Recently I found another type of writing, called Journal. What the hell was that? I did some search using Google and Bing, they are many type of it from the search. Each type of journal will serve for different purpose. I am not going to talk about each of them here. But I am trying to give my own definition about this term, which is more suitable to myself I guess.

The definition:
It is a writing of your study on a subject together with your thinking about the subject and come up with your own specify opinion or suggestion on it.

This is true. Journal could be a good tool to keep track of your study and also your finding about the subject.

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