Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windows SDK in VS2008

The Problem
Few days ago I was creating a COM project and try to compile it using midl command, but it shows me that midl was not recognize by windows (I was using the VS tool command prompt).

My Action
First I check on the windows environment variables to ensure they are properly sit there. Then I dive into the directory where the VS installed, my finding was shock because the SDK wasn't there?

I did a search through internet and found a post from forum mention that it should be install together with another component then only the SDK will install properly. What is that component actually? It is Crystall Report.

The solution
Iniatially I feel vague because why Microsoft have to tied the SDK with Crystal Report? I have no other choice. Thus I follow what the guy said. The result was that guy is telling the true.

When the Crystal Report component is installing (the only component that I didn't installed in my local PC), I actually saw the Widnows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 was pending in the Install Component queue.

So the problem solved...
This is not my fault, please don't shoot me !!

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