Sunday, January 6, 2013

What make up of LibreOffice patches review board?

Every time I involved in the LibreOffice code review session, there is a tool that could allow me to compare the code site by site, put in review comment, mark on the patches that has been reviewed. Then this review comment will then publish to everyone around the world. I am so curious how this cool feature could happen? My curiosity always lead me to explore some rubbish, good or bad, that could bring benefits to the world and in the same time, forgot about my task that I suppose to work on. 

I did a few search on Google and I found out it was an open source tool called Splinter. It was make from Python, and the source code can be clone from here but I'm not interest into that. I continue my searching and found out this casual writing about this tool, Splinter - Patch review for Bugzilla. Interesting to read.

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