Saturday, March 15, 2014

mqlicense unable to locate Java Program

In the recent WebSphere MQ version (v7.0.1.3 as of this writing) installation on Ubuntu 13.04, I have some difficulty issue in accepting the WebSphere license. The output shows that the JAVA program went missing. Below is the message being prompt for the missing JAVA program.

ERROR: No useable java programs at ./lap/jre/jre/bin/java 

ERROR:  Installation will not succeed unless the license
        agreement can be accepted.

        If the error was caused by a display problem,
        read the license agreement file  (LA_xx, where
        xx represents your language ) in the 'licenses'
        directory, and then run the following command:


        Only use this command if you accept the license

        For other errors, contact your IBM support centre.
I find it interesting why the mqlicense shell script is looking for the JAVA program in ./lap/jre/jre/bin. My curiosity is leading me to dig into to find out what is going on to the script, and I found this piece:

# Set JRE location
  JRE=${JRE:-$(find $PROGPATH/lap -type d -name bin)/java }
  if [ ! -x ${JRE?} ]; then
    echo "ERROR: No useable java programs at ${JRE}"
    exit 1

I was so surprise that WebSphere isn't install the JAVA program in default location (/bin or /usr/bin). Anyhow I just change the JRE variable to suit my needs. Now the screen will turn out a license agreement page for me to accept. Once accepted, following message will be seen:

Displaying license agreement on :0

Agreement accepted:  Proceed with install.


Anonymous said...

May I know how you fixed the issue?

华歆 said...

Sorry, I haven't got any clue yet.