Saturday, September 8, 2007

Disable XGL on MANDRIVA 2007

Well! I got the NVIDIA ready on my PC now. I have two options to turn into 3D mode. One is AIGLX and the other is XGL. What was that actually? Have a quick search at Google, but I still couldn’t find one solution.

First I try on AIGLX; this seems no different with the previous setting which is using the generic driver. Then I try on XGL, the whole desktop was turn into white screen with a black box at the middle (I think that must be the splash screen). I am still able to see the splash box at the initial stage of the loading process just before the window manager was loaded. I still can hear the startup sound but I get a white screen after the window manager was loaded.

Did some search on the forum found out that using XGL on NVIDIA is still buggies. Some will say need to do some hacking stuff. I spent around one week to figure out the way to disable XGL in console.

Here is how I did it. Boot in failsafe mode. Change to root user. The reason for this is to let the ls command to show files in color mode. I have tried this without login in as root user. The ls command doesn’t show files in color mode. Go to the directory etc/sysconfig to look for xgl file. Edit it by using vi command. You will see just one line in that file. Xgl=yes. Change this to Xgl=no. Save and reboot again.

I have found a very good resource for vi command. You can get it from here.

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