Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tools to detect my modem

I have downloaded a tool called Scanmodem from linmodem support page while I get into this HOWTO slmodem for Gentoo. I know this site is definitely for Gentoo Linux, but I was running out of hope to install my modem. There are so limited resources out there. I must give try on whatever I found.

This tool can help you to detect your modem device, the files needed to compile your modem and many more. It was a very good tool. To use it, follow this simple steps:

gunzip Scanmodem.gz
chmod U+X Scanmodem


This will create a ModemData.txt under a Modem directory (there are many more files generated). So I open up the file and I see a lot of info which I couldn’t understand. The very interesting part to me is this:

PCI ID: 2000:2800
Subsystem ID: 122d:2800

Candidate modem in PCI bus: 00:0c.0
Class 0703: 200:2800
Primary PCI_id: 2000:2800
Type needed: slamr

After reading this, so called spec, I become blur and struggle. It seems helpless on Internet after a few weeks of searching and googling. The only hope is to go back read carefully the README from the package. This is the only hope I think.

One thing for sure is my modem chipset is SL2800.

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