Sunday, September 23, 2007

My modem is working now

The modem is alive. It is working now. I am posting this from my Linux box. I feel so happy now as I have spent quite a number of days to configure my modem. To search for the latest modem driver is not a hard job but configure it to make work is a hard job. Right until now, the modem still haven't correctly configure. Every time I turn on my Linux I still need to configure it in order to get online. By the time I configure the modem, it fails for the first time when I try to connect to the Internet.

An error message prompt timeout expired while waiting for the PPP interface to come up. This is so annoying for me to click on the OK button every time I connect to the Internet. This is annoying too every time I need to configure my modem after Linux was bootup.

Things going to solve soon. I need some configuration setting to make my modem “permanently” stay in my Linux.

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