Saturday, September 15, 2007

First try on installing a modem on Mandriva 2007

Few months ago, when starting to setup my Linux box on my machine, the primary installation before development tools is the modem driver and display driver. The first driver I was trying to install is the modem driver. This driver is come together with the hardware. Unlike the display driver, this free me some hassle work in searching for the driver.

I am surprising that I am able to see the driver source code after I have extract the zip file. (I am new to the Linux world.) There is no exe file. I go through the instruction from the README file and following every step to in the setup process. It gives me an error. This is so interesting that the console showing which line is having trouble in which file. Just like a debugger. I follow what have been told by the compiler to see what is inside the code.

Open it. I have no idea on how to fix the code although I am a C++ developer. (Frankly my core skills are UI only.) This is so funny that I can read the C++ code but I have no idea on how this code is work. I put this aside for a few weeks until I manage to find a latest driver. I get the package from here.

It compiled and installed but I have no way to configure it. Did some Google search and I got this thread. This thread did mention about on how to setting up and configuring the modem. It works exactly. Unfortunately the modem is not able to query. Is it my false?

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