Saturday, February 28, 2009

Experience on VirtualBox

Recently, I am using VirtualBox to do my development work. I found out that there are some difficulty in sharing documents and source code from virtual machine and host machine.

I am using Windows XP as my host as I am still maintaining the software on Windows at the same time while developing Linux software, thus I have try something out on Microsoft virtual PC. What hurting my is Microsoft's product - VirtualPC seems having difficulty on installing Linux. Then I change to VirtualBox, everything was fine. My development work gone well and perfect. Now I am running Fedora Core 4 in my virtual machine. Please note, the default virtual disk size (8 gigabytes) was not enough even though I am not install full version.

Anyhow it is still not perfect. When I switch to full screen mode, stay for few hours there and come out (by pressing Right-Ctrl key), I notice that the keystroke was gone wild. It seems not stable enough whenever I try to switch into full screen mode. To solved this issue, I have to logout the Windows and then login again. Haven't report this problem to VirtualBox team.

Besides that, sharing files in between host and virtual machine seems a bit tricky. The documentation doesn't stated clearly what need to be done in order to share a file. May be I was rushing on this issue, causing me lose some of the important notes.

And also the networking issue, totally have no clue at all how this can setup? What need to expect? I only allocate 1 day to solve this problem.

No worry, all this problem have been jot down. I will follow up this issue in near future.

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