Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting myself familiar with VIM

I have been using VIM as my main editor in Linux development for about a month now. I was gradually fall in love with this tool because I like command base editor. I hate those graphical editor (IDE) because I am having difficulty by using the mouse pointer and then aim at the point and then hit the button to fire. That's why I am good in using shortcut key to accomplish my task quickly.

With VIM, I can even do more work beside those IDE. And the most importantly, I can use command to accomplish my task without worrying clicking the wrong command. Like for example, print and print preview. By using a command, it is much more clearer on what am I doing actually.

In order to get yourself familiar with this tool, the learning curve is quite high as well. Get yourself familiar with those advance command, it is highly important to show you that you are serious on this tool, but not the casual user.

Enjoy vimming!

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