Saturday, February 14, 2009

Port over code from Windows to Linux with MinGW and Cygwin

I have spend up to 1.5 months to work on the port over from Windows to Linux. Does it really need so much of time to carry out the work? Actually the answer is no. What went wrong? This is due to my wrong assumption to the header specification on MinGW and Cygwin.

I started out my project by using MinGW to compile the code. It works perfect at initial stage. But when I try to compile using Cygwin, it giving me a bunch of error. Most of the error telling me that the header specification were incorrect. Some are event doesn't exists in the header folder in Cygwin.

From my experience, I must compile the code strict on the Linux platform. MingGW and Cygwin are the tools for me to port over a program from Unix to Windows, not from Windows to Unix. I think there isn't a tool that does the conversion automatically from Windows to Unix. All you need are manual works.

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