Sunday, November 1, 2015

Building Boost with MinGW compiler

Does it really hard to build Boost libraries with MinGW compiler on Windows?

I have the Windows version Boost library build for Microsoft compiler, when I tried to link them in QT creator, as shown below, was failed even though I have configured the build kit to the Microsoft compiler in QT creator.
win32 {
   INCLUDEPATH += C:/Tool/boost_1_54_0
   LIBS += -LC:/Tool/boost_1_54_0/lib64-msvc-11.0 -lboost_filesystem-vc110-1_54
Looking on the Internet, the majority of them are using MinGW version of Boost library whenever working on QT, not the Microsoft version. To build a MinGW version of Boost, it wasn't that straight forward as following command.

c:\tool\boost_1_54_0>b2.exe --toolset=gcc
I did try on the command mention above, but end up nothing were being generated in stage/lib. I then found there is a workaround for building the MinGW version of Boost:

Step 1
Go to <BOOST_ROOT>/tools/build/v2/engine, and fire the command: build.bat mingw. This will generate bin.ntx86 folder under the same path.

Step 2
Set environment variable: set PATH=%PATH%;<BOOST_ROOT>/tools/build/v2/engine/bin.ntx86. Without this Windows will not recognize who is bjam.

Step 3
Set environment variable: set PATH=%PATH%;<MinGW_ROOT>/bin. Without this the compiler will not recognize who is gcc.

Step 4
Fire the command: bjam toolset=gcc. This should generate a bunch of libraries with file name that contain mgw with .a extension.

One last note, bjam command will require mingw32-libz to be installed with MinGW compiler before Boost is start building. Once done, reconfigure the .pro file with following code:
win32 {
   INCLUDEPATH += C:/Tool/boost_1_54_0
   LIBS += -LC:/Tool/boost_1_54_0/stage/lib -lboost_filesystem-mgw48-mt-1_54

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