Tuesday, November 24, 2015

JSF session in JMeter

Just a quick note, when running performance tests on JSF using JMeter, in order to successfully execute a single thread (single user), not even mention execute multiple thread (more than one user) at a time, a new JSF View State value need to be captured every time a thread start executes. Otherwise the test will fail, even though it was recorded through Recording Controller. To capture the new JSF view state value, I create a new Regular Expression Extractor post processor under the GET request and put in following details:

Parameter Name Value
Reference Name jsfViewState
Regular Expression id=\"javax.faces.ViewState\" value=\"(.+?)\"
Template $1$
Match No. (0 for Random)   1

And then in the POST request which fail in the test, replace the javax.faces.ViewState‘s parameter value with ${jsfViewState}. After this, I also need an HTTP Cookie Manager to be placed in thread group to make it work.

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