Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Duplicate section has different size

Looking at the following error, I think I have messed up the build.
error: duplicate section `.rdata$_ZTSN5boost6detail17sp_counted_impl_pINS_10filesystem6detail11dir_itr_impEEE[__ZTSN5boost6detail17sp_counted_impl_pINS_10filesystem6detail11dir_itr_impEEE]' 
has different size
I was rebuilding the Boost unit test framework, once done, when I try to build my application, this error comes out. As I search in the forum, it is due to the object file and executable file were out of date, meaning to say that the linker unable to link them together, thus compiler will make some noise.

I do not have much choice to solve this error, rebuild everything is the only way.

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