Saturday, November 14, 2015

initializationError occurred in unit testing

What a bad day.

It has been so long I never run my unit test since many versions has been update to the source code. According to experts, unit test must run once in a while to ensure the codes are still working as expected. But today when I execute the unit test, it shows me an initializationError. What the heck!! What is wrong with my code? This error was occurred even before any unit test codes were run.

As I check in the forum, this may cause by the classpath containing two different versions of Hamcrest. But looking at my classpath, I don’t see two Hamcrest whereas I see two Junit libraries in the classpath, one provided by Eclipse and another one provided by Powermock. Would this be the root cause of this error? Hmmm… try to remove the one provided by Eclipse, it works! What the heck!

Thus, the conclusion would be either use the Junit provided by Eclipse or import my own Junit.

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