Saturday, November 7, 2015

CppUnit require MFC library on Windows environment?!!

Anyone done any unit testing on C++? Am I speaking on my own?

Well, I was influenced by the unit testing I did in Java. After many years of working on C/C++ program, now only got to realize I was actually missing unit testing in the development. I was so curious why none of them mention this before? Or maybe they felt that unit testing is a waste? Or they don’t even care? But in Java world, they are so concern about unit testing. Anyhow, I just download a copy of the unit testing framework – CppUnit, and putting it into my very personal, private, secret project.

Just a site note when getting the source of CppUnit, never download from the website, it was a trap. This is because the files are suffixed with “,v” in the file extension. The real source ca be download through SVN. Once done, build it. There is no free lunch in the open source world.

When I was about to build, Oh No!! How to build on Windows machine? configure and make are only workable command in Linux…

Well, the instruction was in the file with file name start with INSTALL, there are many of them. In my case, I’m building it in a Windows environment, thus I’ll look for the INSTALL-WIN32.txt. Follow the instructions mention in that file to build CppUnit. Unfortunately, the building of CppUnit has failed due to the missing of afxwin.h. Since I’m using visual studio express edition, this edition doesn’t have MFC installed, thus it wouldn’t have that header file.

Crap! What a bad day.

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